In between (what we want to speak to the world)
Concept & Dance: Mioko Yoshihara, Armand van den Hamer
Video image, Sound & Choreography: Mioko Yoshihara
duration: 12min
supported by P.A.R.T.S. summer studio 2002 (Brussels)
performed: 12/10/2003 as the very opening performance of Watertejater (kultuurhuis Bosch), Arnhem

This piece has been developed with the questions which came up through "On Common Ground" (by Armand van den Hamer 2000-2001), on-going research process of dis-covering the ground of cultural experience of human beings in connection with natural environment. My questions among others were about the distance between us human beings and the natural environment, in other words, 'what is the nature for us?' How do we love nature and how are we cultivating or manipulating it? How much energy is there in the nature, which can both heal and destroy us? How much nature is there in our body? How much are we feeling the nature inside and outside of our body? Originated from "On Common Ground", where the difference among people from different cultures was a main issue, in this piece "In betweenÓ", I would like to speak about something we found in between nature and culture by means of our personal experience as a part of whole human beings.

photo: Asuka Yamaguchi