A film-dance projectgConcreteh
1-26 November@2004
Concrete is a research project in which relations between dance and film are explored.
Starting point for the research is the defining of both dance and film as eshaping movement in timef.
By adopting therefore the idea that the art forms are congruent the following proposition is made: edance is film.f

Concept: Lucas van der Velden, Liesbeth Koot
choreography: Liesbeth Koot
Dance: Mioko Yoshihara, Liesbeth Koot
camera + audio : Lucas van der Velden
light : Gerard Koot
costume : Petra Finke
edit + audio : Gideon Kiers

Dance film "Concrete" projected in
Atelier 5, Pact Zollverein / choreographicshes zentrum, Essen, Germany
Cineboards 2005, Rotterdam, the Netherlands