composer :
Naomi Sato
dance :
Mioko Yoshihara
costume & design :
Hiroaki Kanai
music :
Ayako Okubo(flute) Laura Carmichael (clarinet, Bass clarinet) Naomi Sato (saxophone) Yuri Takahashi (Violin) Ors Sorsov (cello) Stefan Pliquett (contra Bass) Bart de Vrees (percuttion)
duration :
26 min
performances :
2 October 2004 20:00-
location :
Overtoom 301, Amsterdam
Production :
Ayako Okubo / Japan Four Seasons

"Fu-jin" consists of four parts; winter, spring, summer and autumn. Each season was associated with a different quality of wind and a different stage of human life; birth, shildhood, adolescence, and maturity.
Initiated by the idea of music, dance and costume design are invited to share the inspiration together.
A 26min. solo dance improvisation based on the structure and theme of music.