The Mioko-fluctuations is a continuation of the solo Fluctuations, made and presented earlier this year, in which choreographer/dancer, Liesbeth Koot investigated the concept 'solo'. A solo which is about a specific body, how it moves and how it 'behaves'.
In Fluctuations a small number of movements is repeated. As the solo progresses, the movements go off course, through variation, but also through fatigue and physical discomfort. The Mioko-fluctuations is a sequel and an answer. It goes further with stillness and movement where Fluctuations stopped, got stuck or didn't grow any further, conceptually as well as physically.

Choreography: Liesbeth Koot
Dance: Mioko Yoshihara
Sound design: Lucas van der Velden
Performed: Friday October 28th, 20:30
Location: Dansateliers studio, 's Gravendijkwal 58 B, Rotterdam
Duration: 20min.
Production: Dansateliers, Standard Dance Co

photo:Armand van den Hamer