On Common Ground shows our research on how we are connected with the (natural) environment through our cultural experience, and how we then tried to come together in a colabolation without losing our integrity, benefiting from each other's wisdom.
Ideally we form a beautiful garden in which we can all grow better because of each other's presence.

concept,direction,choreography: Armand van den Hamer
created in collabolation with: Mioko Yoshihara, Rumiko Otsuka, Thorunn Bjarnadottir, Jurryt de Leeuw, Joris Ruysenaars, Hue Tran dance: Mioko Yoshihara, Rumiko Otsuka, Thorunn Bjarnadottir
music & composition: Joris Ruysenaars
stage-design & projection: Jurryt de Leeuw
video: Armand van den Hamer
costume: Hue Tran, Mioko Yoshihara, Armand van den Hamer,Rumiko Otsuka
graphic-design: Merijntje Betzema
duration: 30min.

previous performances:
Theatre EDDC,European Dance Development Centre,Arnhem(Holland)
Stadsschouwburg Arnhem(GROETEN UIT ARNHEM), Arnhem(Holland)