On Common Ground II (Art Garden 2003)
Direction, Choreogrphy, Dance: Armand van den Hamer
In collaboration with:
Dance: Mioko Yoshihara
Costume: Yuji Takahashi, Anouchka van Driel
Music composition: Joris Ruyzenaars,
Sound carrier: Tetsuo Mukai
Sound carrier: Sebastiaan Erkens
duration: 20min.
performance: 03/10/2003 De Hortus Botanicus, Amsterdam
supported by: Kunstnaars&Co

photo: Yuji Takahashi

a site-specific dance performance at Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam
On the base of this work is an on-going research about the relation between human beings and nature (and the environment in general) through the cultural experience as the one side. And on the other side, how different expressions of these relations, which are equally valuable, can be brought together without giving up their authenticity. As an outcome of this concept, each time people with different cultural backgrounds (in this case Japanese and Dutch) are brought together to deepen the research and introduce a new perspective. What was specific for this time is the garden of de hortus botanicus itself. During the working process, it has gradually come to take an equally important part with its own cultural background, which is cultivated nature with the elements originated from everywhere in the world; a good example of where we are standing for.
(Armand van den Hamer)