P.O.P.- Ups (performance under pleasure)
A site-specific spontaneous performance project at different spots in the suburban industrial area in Nieuwgraaf in Duiven (along side highway E35/A12). As a part of 'the leisure resort: Pararel//Weg', organized by stichting G.A.N.G.

direction: Clare Dowling ("Naturana"), Mioko Yoshihara ("161"), Danielle Bouwmeester ("I C Nothing"), Iris Marco ("IDEA")
performers: Clare Dowling, Mioko Yoshihara, Danielle Bouwmeester, Iris Marco, and Armand van den Hamer
performances: 9,12,16-19/09/2003 different places in Nieuwgraaf in Duiven

"Naturana" by Clair Dowling, photo: Armand van den Hamer