director :
Sanne van Rijn (ZT Hollandia)
performers :
Tamayo Okano, Ayako Watanabe, Mioko Yoshihara
coproduction :
performances :
5(premiere), 6-8, 10-13 May 20:30-
location :
Predikherenkerk (Onze Lieve Vrouw straat, Leuven, Belgium)
reseavation :
Cultuurcentrum Leuven +32 16 222113
STUK +32 16 320320

Vormsnoei. Art of cutting. Topiary.
The gardener asks the bush if he wants to become an animal and cuts its branches in the shape of an elephant. The circus performer asks his dog to bark a song and puts a dress on him. The child is asked to behave, and imagines that he is the Superman. The ballerina wants her body to fly, and she trains her arms and legs till she becomes a swan which dies.

Topiary is human. We think that we are free individuals, but in fact we try to fulfill the image that others want us to have as close as possible. We act, but it is the others that give meaning to our action. As an individual we donft have comrades, we just get ones by searching through the norm and maintaining it. But what if, there is no more clarity on the ideal to strive after?

Vormsnoei speaks about the necessity of self presentation and the inevitable mistakes which everybody makes in it. In the performance three performers are looking for the norm of the moment. They let themselves led totally by what you expect from them.
Therefore they are hardly prepared, but you know fortunately what you have to do.
They find themselves in your glance. It is up to you, seeing where and how you want to have them.

previous performances:
5-8, 10-13/05/04
Predikherenkerk, Leuven, Belgium
16-19, 22-26/06/04
Technical University, Eindhoven, Holland
Theaterfestival/VOORUIT, Gent, Belgium
Huis aan de Werf, Utrecht, Holland
Theatre Fraskati 1, Amsterdam, Holland
*SMAK, Gent, Belgium
12,13,14,15, 27/10/06
SMAK, Gent, Belgium
(*Mioko is not going to perform in these performances.)