"Where has the moon gone?"(2010)

According to the Dutch choreographer, Armand van den Hamer, a kanji : a Chinese character used in Japanese, seems to be a three dementional form with its thick and thin strokes.

From his inspiration, which reminds us an we can say a little similar to that of a Dutch painter, M.C. Escher, the movements originated from Kanjifs transform into dance, shifting its speed, traveling into the spacec

From Holland, Shang Hai, Tokyo, Nagasaki, and Hiradoc, they have gathered here in the Kofukuji temple: one of the Important Cutral Properties of Japan founded in 1620, to give a spectaclous collaboration performance based on Chinese poetries associated with the moon

17,18-09-2010 @ Kofukuji Temple, Nagasaki
Armand van den Hamer
Sissi Ji (Er-fu), Kazuya Zenzai
Yugo Yasuda
Armand van den Hamer

Natsue Yamaguchi

Aiko Ogusu
Mayumi Kawamoto
Ichiko Hirano
Noriko Matsumoto
Setsuko Maura
Maki Furukawa

Mioko Yoshihara

Choreography: Armand van den Hamer
Co-choreography: Mioko Yoshihara

Costume design: Armand van den Hamer, Flyer Design: Yugo Yasuda,
Production: Kanshi Temple Project, Mioko Yoshihara
Co-production: Tomyozan Kofukuji, Nagasaki,
Technical support: Hiroyuki Chisaki (Page One Planning)
Production Support: Yoshihara Cleaning Co., Horado Otsuka Healthy Circle, Hirado Komyoji Temple, summer studio
Special thanks to Dahlia Mees

More info: www.tsukidoko.blogspot.com